A Soggy Start

So while I waited for Seb to arrive, I took a drive down into the fringes of the Picos de Europa. I had only a little information on the climbs there, but I found myself accidentally parked up at Lebena, underneath the impressive prow of Cueto Agero, which was one of the few valley-based routes that I had a description for. Took a walk up to look, and scrambled up the back to scope the decent route and take in the view.

Its rated as a V+ so I decided to have a go at soloing it the next day, since the angle seemed relaxed, and with only short tricky sections. Unfortunately the next morning it looked like this…


I scrambled up the initial (cable assisted) pitch to the terrace and sat watching the vultures for an hour or so, while I waited to see if the cloudbase was going to lift. For a moment it did, and I hurried up to the first pitch proper, and got as far as the first tricky moves (a steep, polished layback corner) when the cloud came back with a thwump and visibility again dropped to zero.

I can take a hint.


Author: naranjoclimbs

Ropemonkey, monkeybotherer, crack-lover,

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