A Van, a Plan

Lets start with Naranjo, since she named the blog. Originally named the Tangerine Dream by friends, that was way too long. I would have ended up shortening it to Tango, which would be misunderstood. Naranjo is spanish for orange, and the reason why Picu Urriellu is called Naranjo de Bulnes, as it glows orange in the evening light.

2003 Iveco Daily, I bought her last November after my previous Iveco – the BadgerVan, succumbed to rust of the wheelarch and sills. She had been a festival-trader van, partly lined and insulated already, and recently undersealed after welding. Low milage, and she handled like a car after the weight of the old van. Ideal.

Several months later and she is fully insulated, with wood panneling on ceiling and walls; a skylight (professionally fitted); a bulkhead separating the living area from the ‘garage’ in back; solar PV filling two leasure batteries with inverter; LPG cooking and heating; water tank with electic pump; slide out table and sink; a chest seat for climbing gear; shelving; LED lights; a chest of drawers and a memoryfoam bed. Total cost of the conversion – ?? Having a luxourious home on wheels with the comfiest bed ever – priceless

Anyway here are some gratuitous van pics:


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