Birthday treats

So the big trip begins! Finished a hectic week with Em finishing off the woodwork etc in Naranjo the van, and we hared off south together, stopping briefly at Millstone Edge before hanging out at the wonderful HatFest in Winchester. Em and Ockhams Razor performed Tipping Point in the outdoors for the first time, between torrential downpours. The gods smiled for the duration of the show (with a bit of frantic mopping up of the stage before the lights went up). Then it was time to part, and off to the Newhaven – Dieppe ferry for the long haul down through western France.

I took the smaller roads to avoid the tolls (which would add up to equivalent of my fuel cost again!). Apart from getting lost a couple of times (following a map, rather than GPS by oneself has its satisfying challenges). I found that in a slowish vehicle like Naranjo, it really didnt add that much time or milage to the journey. The only exception being the squeeze through the gap where France meets Spain. The only non-toll road passes through numerous small coastal villages, which were all packed with summer visitors. After about an hour of crawling at 10mph, I gave up, skipped onto the autoroute, and passed by Bilbao with a fairly painless 10euro toll.

Found a little cove with a decent looking parking area, and spent a day treating myself to Not Driving. Had a swim, had a run along the clifftops, drank some Cava, cos is was my birthday :). What better present than the start of an epic road-trip!



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