Training? Eh?

This trip really started at home in Scotland, both in a semi-focussed training sense, and just trying to get out on the biggest bits of rock that i could find.

In terms of training, im rubbish. I just dont have the discipline or bordom threshold to manage systematic periods of training to maximise my potential over the summer. Life gets in the way. I think the most determined bit of training method I managed was the chalk-board next to the coffee in the kitchen, that said “train on the fingerboard you lazy bastard!”. My nephew thought this was a bit rude, so changed it to “lazy sloth” but it was later pointed out that since sloths spend most of their lives hanging upside down by their fingers, it was perhaps not entirely appropriate.

I changed my diet, partly by accident. I cut out bulk carbohydrate items such as rice, pasta, cous-cous, bread, museli and (gasp) flapjack. These used to make up a significant part of my diet, and certainly contributed the most calories. Basically I otherwise eat the same stuff (fish, curry, vegetables etc) but without the rice etc to bulk it out. I might write a post just about this later, with physiological reasonings and references, but for now lets just say I took it up while I had flu (and a sedentary job), and just never missed them. I enjoy the sensation of not being over-full and find that supplying myself with calories from (healthy) fats is easy. I also decided to quit drinking on weekdays, which probably was the main reason I lost about a stone during the preparation period. Ive lapsed a bit on that now, on the road, but then Im climbing most days, so I reckon it balances out.


Author: naranjoclimbs

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