Im Topher, 42, PhD Monkeybotherer, lapsed. Circus rigger/performer. Climber since high school (thanks Mr Seagrout) so really should be a lot better at it by now. Scot – voted ‘Aye’ and ‘Remain’.  Co-author of the 7aMax Scottish Sport guide, which was great physiotherapy when I got a steel rod in my right femur (cf Channel 5 Highland Emergency)

P1010154I’ve taken a sabbatical from circus work for the summer, kitted out my new van – ‘Naranjo‘  (its Spanish for ‘orange’, and saved me from having to call her Tango) and launched into a road trip across northern Spain, southern France and Northern Italy


Hopefully along the way I will be able to illustrate some of the best that Europe has to offer the big(ger) wall climber, and offer some advice for any of you that might want to follow a similar trip