Birthday treats

So the big trip begins! Finished a hectic week with Em finishing off the woodwork etc in Naranjo the van, and we hared off south together, stopping briefly at Millstone Edge before hanging out at the wonderful HatFest in Winchester. Em and Ockhams Razor performed Tipping Point in the outdoors for the first time, between torrential downpours. The gods smiled for the duration of the show (with a bit of frantic mopping up of the stage before the lights went up). Then it was time to part, and off to the Newhaven – Dieppe ferry for the long haul down through western France. Continue reading “Birthday treats”


Scotland, warming up

The final prong of the preparation fork (weird metaphor, dunno where that came from) was just getting out and climbing big routes. I had a list. I didnt make it very far down that list, because again life intruded. Work, weather and family obligations combined in unfortunate ways. I did manage a few significant outings, though, which deserve mention. Continue reading “Scotland, warming up”

A Van, a Plan

Lets start with Naranjo, since she named the blog. Originally named the Tangerine Dream by friends, that was way too long. I would have ended up shortening it to Tango, which would be misunderstood. Naranjo is spanish for orange, and the reason why Picu Urriellu is called Naranjo de Bulnes, as it glows orange in the evening light. Continue reading “A Van, a Plan”