The Mystery Col and Elusive South Ridge

After a comfortable night on Aliva Meadows, we decided to do ‘the best route in the eastern massif’ – the south ridge of Picu Jisu. Only first we had to decipher the location from Seb’s old Cicerone guide, which kept referring to named cols not marked on its maps, or indeed even within the area covered by said maps! Continue reading “The Mystery Col and Elusive South Ridge”


A Soggy Start

So while I waited for Seb to arrive, I took a drive down into the fringes of the Picos de Europa. I had only a little information on the climbs there, but I found myself accidentally parked up at Lebena, underneath the impressive prow of Cueto Agero, which was one of the few valley-based routes that I had a description for. Took a walk up to look, and scrambled up the back to scope the decent route and take in the view. Continue reading “A Soggy Start”