Not all Limestone is Limestone, thankfully (Dolomites PtII)

So finally I made it down to Casa Davide, where I enjoyed the hospitality of pretty much his entire extended family over the course of a few days. Pleasure to meet you all, and thanks for putting up with me! And donkeys, Davide loves donkeys. He got his reports finished and the overseas trip was put back while paperwork was organised, so he had time to play! Continue reading “Not all Limestone is Limestone, thankfully (Dolomites PtII)”


Dolomite Wanderings (pt I)

So just before departing for the Dolomites, I got the news that Davide, my old friend from Scotland and local of the Dolomites, had been landed with some short-notice work overseas. He would have to leave soon, and be very busy finishing up reports-due before departure (he’s a geologist). Maybe he would have time for a day’s climb, but perhaps not. So again I was adrift awhile in a huge expanse of unknown rock. Time to solo some classics, I guess! Continue reading “Dolomite Wanderings (pt I)”

A Rendezsvous with Limestone

So whilst all the rock around Ailefroide is granite, and Im on the road next to Val di Mello, also granite, I cant forget that Im going to be trying some pretty hard routes in the Dolomites, and so I cant ignore limestone forever. I have a very love-hate relationship with this rock. When its good, its very very good, but when its bad its plain awful. Continue reading “A Rendezsvous with Limestone”

Moonscape Sunburn

So Seb arrived! In our eagerness to get stuck in we drove around to the south of the range, where the Fuente De cablecar allows quick access to the high altitude areas. In theory. The reality is more like a waiting game, the inefficiency of which defies logic. We kitted up, and walked over to the station at 8.30am, only to find a huge cue and discover that the first cablecar was not until 10am! Not 9am as we had thought. Add to this that the last scheduled return car was 7pm and we soon realised that this was not designed with climbers in mind. Anyway, we had committed ourselves to this plan now, so we paid up and waited for our number to come up. Around 10.30 we finally departed, and indeed it made short work of the steep ascent to the El Cable hut (otherwise a 3 hour hike). We set off into the moon-like landscape. Continue reading “Moonscape Sunburn”